Dear comment spammers!

30 11 2012

I know you would like to have a free shot at linking your whatever you want to sell site to my comments section, but I will kindly just don’t approve your comment. Simple as that. Thank you for trying tho! As a matter of fact I will not approve any comments on this blog, because most of my full posts are on my main site only. If you want to comment do it there!
Thank you and this message was not intended for the legit comments and links! Cheers!

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Look what happened to the last comment spammer!


Not So Typical Christmas Songs Collection 2012

23 12 2012

christmas_ornamentsIt is that time of the year again and my oldest girl asked for some Christmas songs to enjoy the Holidays. Of course I couldn’t say no, so I went on an adventure to collect some of my old and new favorites for her. Before I share the favorites I have to say it is not an easy task to find Christmas songs that are up beat, happy and really gets you into the spirit. Go ahead and Google a bit and you will find all the old classics that make you fall asleep and some of them are down right depressive tunes. I excuse myself for the people who like them but I guess it is just really a personal preference.

Click Here for my Not So Typical Christmas Songs Collection for 2012

Craving for more free traffic?

18 12 2012

website-trafficCraving for more free website traffic? My answer to this question is: Yes!

I think I am not alone with this and everyone likes free traffic for numerous reasons, but getting them is quite a task. I know I am spending most of my time chasing it and is very time consuming. Here is a small collection on how to get some website traffic for 0$.

As I have seen so far, getting free traffic can be achieved by:

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7 12 2012

complicatedAm I doing this too complicated and not logical? That is the question.

I have been learning and working on something for the past week and that is why I had no new post. Learning is very important and depends on where you are learning the real secrets of making money online can seem very complicated, not logical and confusing.

I came across many sites offering to show how the big guys do, but at the end it just led me to another page to watch some video and sign up for some “I show you how” site. Sounds familiar? I am sure you have been there and done that. Read More>>>

Can I make money with Profit Clicking?

30 11 2012

Can I make money with Profit Clicking?  I have yet to come across a site, where there is a certain proof. Anything I looked was just a review to make you sign up. Oh well, nothing to lose.

So, Yes, I did sign up just to see what is the advertised 98% is all about. I know my curiosity is just driving me and  without seeing it myself I can’t just shot the door.

I will tell you what is Profit Clicking, with the eye of a newbie.

It used to be Just Been Paid and have been bought by Profit Clicking. It can be for many things, depending on what are you looking for so let’s see what do they offer. Read more>>

Must have plugins for a socially conscious WordPress blog

25 11 2012

What are the must have plugins for a socially conscious WordPress blog? Since I am using WordPress I have come to download many plugins, but obviously I can’t use all of them because it is not important to have or it would slow down my page enormously on top of that the free hosting is already slower than a paid one. I am pretty sure you noticed the slow load time, but I will not move my site to another free host. I’ll wait to have enough founds for a paid hosting with a domain of my own. Now, returning to the topic.

So what are the basic must have plugins for a socially conscious WordPress blog is depending on:

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Free learning at Wealthy Affiliate

20 11 2012

One day I was doing my daily traffic generating at Traffic Swirl and stumbled upon someone’s advertisement for Wealthy Affiliate. Needless to say that it got my attention since it was free so I went and completed my sign-up for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you haven’t heard of them before, here is a tiny sum-up: Wealthy Affiliate (referral link) is an Online Business Community and 2 young guys created it. It used to be a paid to join but they have decided it to make it free with an option to upgrade to premium. It is an open education project.You can learn the basics of online marketing with a very friendly community attached to it.

Here are some of the things you learn:

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